Monday, 27 August 2012

The Red Band

I have read through the rules for Brigadier '38 and like what I have seen so I have created a battalion to contest control of Kent.

Red Band
A communist volunteer force commanded by the Honourable Percy Threeforpe, late of Cambridge niversity & the Apostles. It consists of three companies: two shock commandos with burp guns and molotov cocktails and a militia company with rifles and shotguns. Fred Snit, a local convenor of the National Union of Nut Threach Checkers, is the political officer and a signaler (telephone engineer) and standard bearer make up te rest of the HQ staff.

Pride of the battalion is an old WWI Museum piece that NUTTC mechanics have got running and rechristened the Karl Marx.

The Red Band is curently allied with the Anglicans against the Black Shorts and the Kent Rural Trained Bands.


  1. neat use of the Caesar resistance the colors.really nice.

  2. Dear Tsold
    The Caeser figures are great general purpose troops.

  3. What scale are you playing AVBCW in John? Are those 25mm figs or smaller? Looks like a fun game with a small model commitment.

  4. Did you find the two books you show to be enough to get you started in VBCW? Thanks.