Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Battlegroup Kursk

   I heard a whisper a little while ago that Warwick Kinrade, who designed Kampfgruppe Normandy, was working on a Kursk game. I am delighted to say that it is true and that Kursk is available for preorder from The Plastic Soldier Company.

   You may recall that I reviewed KGN  a wee while ago and was very impressed. Kinrade was one of the designers shafted by the Evil Empire, who will neither sell his game nor release it back to him.

   There is another rumour doing the rounds that it uses D8s rather than D6s - Oh no, Warwick Kinrade, no.


  1. Its d6 based, not d8s... Though I could tell ya the story of teh d8 playtests...

  2. I am really looking forward to this game. I really like KGN, even though I only got to play once. Our group was looking at moving into the Kursk theater for our next WW2 period and it would be nice to have FoW and BGK for those games. It will be fun to compare the rules using the same armies and battles.

  3. Dear DS
    Suddenly we are awash with good stuff for WWII. :)

  4. Will work really well for 15mm though you will want to track infantry losses in some manner if you have multibased units.

    Its not too hard to do, we use dice, but a mate of mine has done a little roster. The flip side of that is you never no what the losses are like till a base goes so it adds even more fog of war! He plays in 6mm so a dice behind a unit looks rather big!

    If you want to see the demo game from Bovvy and a few more pages;

    Just seen the advert for Battlegroup Normandy today...

  5. Is GW is still holding your work captive as well? Glad to hear Mr. Kinrade is moving on and keeping busy.