Sunday, 15 July 2012

Test of the Battle Medway Scenario

   The Battle of the Medway is one of the two great set battles in the Britannia source book, the other being The Battle of Watling Street. Actually the Medway Battle also took place on Watling Street showing the importance of this ancient road. I live on Batling Street so I suppose I could be said to be biased. :)

  The pic shows the starting positions.

P: main Roman Force unde Plautius
V: left flank Roman pincer under Vespasian
B: right pincer of Batavian Auxilliaries

T: Warbands led by Togodumnos
C: British cavalry led by Caractacus

   The scenario worked perfectly. I played the Romans and narrowly lost after Shaun rolled the dice of his life. No really. I know we all blame the dice but, honestly....


  1. Looks like a good game, damn those dice gods!!

  2. Dear Ray
    I would sacrifice a virgin to the dice Gods but where would I find one of those in Medway?