Saturday, 28 July 2012

London Welcomes The World

Even Mitt Romney; :)

Pictures from Mailonline (Daily Mail) and subject to copyright


  1. I watched the whole ceremony on a big screen in our local park. Even I (a dyed-in-the-wool cynic with no interest in sport) was impressed and felt my heart swelling with pride. Just the right mix of Patriotism, history, values and self depreciating humour.

  2. A compete waste of money that Britain can ill afford in my opinion. Roll on the closing ceremony!


    1. Dear Steve
      Thank you Mr Scrooge,

  3. Dear Lee
    As I said on my Bain blog. We sat down to sneer and stayed to applaud: it was brilliant.

  4. Went to Green Witch Park to watch the Dressage on Sunday. The whole of London is festooned with pink signs telling you where to go (in a good way). The route we took was lined with volunteers, all happy, all helpful, to gently guide (rather than obviously shepard) us to the right place. Our expereince was a well laid out, well organised and therefore easy thing. Mrs Z said she'd like people with pink foam pointing hands to direct her every time she goes to London. Even the Lancs and S Yorks Constabulary had sent people to watch the games....

    And G4S's new subtle camo uniform with various coloured berets looks quite smart.

  5. Dear zzzz
    The last time I drove in London a taxi driver told me where to go.
    Agree about the uniforms. Have you heard the lunatics in the House of Shame are going to replace troops with private security at the nuclear bomb missile sub bases.