Friday, 27 July 2012

War & Peace: Falkland's war

The Scimitar light tank, used for reconnaissance and colonial warfare. This was the first all-aluminium AFV in the world and you occasionally see them belting down the M3. Armed with a 30mm cannon firing from clips. This one is named Anzio, which immediately attracted my attention, given my family history.

The little boy is playing with a 'jimpy', GPMG. If you look closely it is based on an MG42. All modern general purpose MGs are based on an MG42. It is shown here in 'heavy MG' mode. It is also used on a bipod or sling as an LMG.

The rapier AA missile system. Very effective but can be temperamental when transported to the South Atlantic and used by Mr Average soldier. It was discovered that it can track stealth fighters using infra-red.

Light howitzer. Another effective colonial warfare weapon.

Gazelle light reconnaissance helicopter. Horribly vulnerable, especially when your own side shoot at it. Not suitable for the modern battlefield.


  1. Great pictures. I thought the Falklands display was very good with a nice selection of equipment on show.

  2. Great pics.

    Thanks for posting them.


  3. Dear Lee
    I agree. It really caught the eye.