Saturday, 14 July 2012


British Troops, Mercians, in Helmand.

   The background to Crackup, the modern war rules I am designing with John Treadaway are starting to come together. The rules will be usable for any modern war scenario but it is helpful to have a timeline into the near future to give Crackup its own flavour.

   Please feel free to add your own suggestions below.


Timeline – early 21st Century

2000: The Real IRA, a regrouped Catholic terror organisations initiates new wave of bombings in London.
2001: Dot Com financial bubble collapse
2001: Western-trained Islamic radicals from al-Qaeda, a Saudi Arabian-backed terrorist organisation, attack New York and other targets in the USA causing multiple deaths.
2002: Nato invades Afghanistan and drives al-Qaeda into Pakistan.
2003: Afghan Tailban start major counterinsurgency in Afghanistan operating from safe refuges in Pakistan protected by Pakistan’s ISI.
2003: Anglic forces led by the USA invade Iraq.
2005: Islamic terrorists bomb London.
2007: American property bubble collapse followed by London and New York banking crisis.
2008: Intensification of American drone attacks in Pakistan.
2011: American troops leave Iraq.
2014: American troops leave Afghanistan.
2015: Franco-German Brigade (Brigade Franco-Allemande, Deutsch-Französische Brigade) sent into Greece to keep order by Eurocorps.
2015: American troops sent into Mexico to assist Mexican army against the drug gangs.
2016: Taliban re-occupy Afghanistan.
2016: Scotland votes for independence causing the breakup of the United Kingdom.
2017: Iran and Shia government in Iraq sign mutual defence pact.
2017: England & Wales vote to leave the European Union.

2017: Georgia invades Caucuses to secure oil; war spreads to include Ukraine and Russian Federation.
2018: Turkey invades northern Iraq to suppress Kurdish terrorism.
2018: China sends troops into various African countries to protect their mining interests.
2019: Taliban take power in Pakistan and Chechnya before collapsing into clan warfare.
2019: France deploys troops in Kent to secure Channel Tunnel initiating mechanised warfare across Kent, Sussex and Essex.
2019: Scots attack Northern England and Ireland invades Free Ulster causing general fighting across the British Isles.
2020: War declared between Turkey backed by Sunni oil states and Iran-Iraq alliance.
2020: Pakistani Taliban invade Kashmir and explode nuclear weapon in Mumbai.
2021: World first Nuclear War destroys Pakistan and many Indian cities destroying central governments on the sub-continent.
2021: Iran closes the Straits of Hormuz precipitating oil and economic crisis. American carrier is sunk attempting to force the Strait.
2022: Chinese economic bubble collapses precipitating civil wars between Communist Party controlled coast and various Marxist and Nationalist warlords in the interior, including nuclear weapon strikes.
2023: Lega Nord declares UDI from Italy and European Union for Padania.
2023: Violent storms flood New York and American East Coast
2023: Wessex New Model Army clashes with British army in Surrey; Reigate destroyed in the fighting with heavy civilian casualties.
2024: Overstretched Eurocorps battles independence movements in British Isles, Belgium, Northern Germany, Southern France and the Balkans, which are often backed by National armies.
2024: General Glutenburger wins US Presidential election for Republican Party campaigning on a platform of moral purification of America and declares storms to be a judgement from God and not Global Warming.
2025: New Model Army concept spreads across world with mixed results but always chaos follows in their wake.
2026: Mexican war spills over into southern US states as drug cartel mercenary units declare war on the USA.
2027: Glutenburger cancels upcoming election, bans political parties, mounts a nuclear strike on Mexico City, and declares America one nation under God.
2028: Glutenburger assassinated by Mexican Mictecacihuatl (Lady of Death) Drug Cartel.
2029: Northern US cities rebel with military support from Canada; Quebec succeeds.
2029: Russian and North American crop failures due to freak weather conditions: mass starvation.
2030: National and civil wars break into smaller and smaller ethnic conflicts across the globe; New Model armies collapse into mercenary militias as electronic communications degrade away.


  1. 2031 father christmas and Rudolph invade germany to stop a fifth reich occurring

  2. Hi John
    I rather think Anon believes were in the fourth Reich now what with them having economic if not military domination of europe.

  3. Oh John one more thing going by the last picture when do the sweets run out in your timeline and should I start stockpiling "smarties" and "werthers originals" now?