Sunday, 1 March 2009


One of my favourite miniatures set is Citadel’s Warhammer 40K models. 40K is probably the world’s most successful wargame. Its play mechanics are now in a 5th edition and are OK rather than scintillating but the background ‘fluff’ and models are exceptional.

The new Apocalypse mega-mad game system has given the game a new lease of life. I have been very taken with the new plastic Apocalypse vehicles.

I have built three Baneblade super-heavy tanks, two of which are heavily modified. The photos show the standard build. It was undercoated in Citadel’s excellent black undercoat spray and then painted with Tamiya German Grey (XF-63) and drybrushed with lightened shades of same. The aim was to give the tank a Panzer look, hence the black uniforms for the crew. It was far too pristine when finished so I tried weathering it with a Tamiya weathering stick (Mud shade). I had never used one before but was pleased with the result. These are like lipsticks and are just as easy to use, so i’m told.

The model is currently on display at Games Workshop’s Maidstone store.

I worry that I overdid it a bit but it does look like a tank that has been in the field. I once asked a veteran of Vietnam what colour the tanks were, as they seemed different in every photo. His answer was that they were the colour of the last thing they had driven through.

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