Sunday, 8 March 2009

Floor Games

It has been many, many years, since I got down on the floor to play toy soldiers. The game involved Airfix toy soldiers and marbles, as I recall. Yesterday my regular opponent Sean, and I, played out an Apocylypse game with super-heavy tanks.

Sean's loyalists were trying to run armoured fist units through a smashed up hab complex on Vrak. The heretical Cardinal's men (me) were trying to blunt the assault. We finally settled on a draw. I immobilised a Baneblade and shot up four Chimeras stopping the attack but I lost a Leman Russ and had a Malcador very heavily damaged (almost certainly a combat loss as it would never get back home).

The game plays quite differently at this scale. Lascannons are often out of range. A Shadowsword needs to hang well back out of lascannon range.

Great fun. Next time Sean vows to field his titan.

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  1. Great blog John!!!
    And it's great to see you and your pal playing like that! As a vet, I'm glad to see that I'll have full of years of playing front of me!

    Louis, From france