Tuesday, 24 March 2009


This another of my super-heavy Ork vehicles. It is 'loosely' based on a Rhino. The is a great deal of plasticard and Robogear plates in there. The rolla is from my wife's garden storage box. The orks and grots come from old and new models and kits. The twin-linked rocket launcha and zap gun are Forge World. The cannon are Emhar 1:35 WWI field guns. The twin-linked big shootas are cut of an old Ghazghul Thraka model and the grot bomb is a modified Star Wars missile from a Y fighter.

I used the usual weathering techniques.

The grot in the tower, Wozzy, is there to spot targets but also as a roving reporter for the OBBC, the Ork Battle Broadcasting Corporation. When the 'Rolla gets stuck in he gives a rolling news broadcast for the ladz on foot left behind, denouncing them as nancy-boys.

This ensures the infantry keep up - so they can break that bloody grot's neck when they catch him.

It's a tough life in the OBBC.


  1. I'm going to call my cable provider today and ask why I don't receive the OBBC channel!

  2. Holy crap, I love the idea of the OBBC. HAhaha, that's classic.

    Fantastic job on the orky tanks, by the way. Absolutely brilliant. :)

  3. I love this one! Great Stuff John!!!