Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Cost and value

"What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing."

Oscar Wilde, Lady Windemere's fan

I recently picked up a nail in a rear tyre of the car I bought a few months ago. It didn't leak but on grounds of safety I elected to change the tyre, which meant both back tyres. At the tyre centre they pointed out that I had unbranded tyres on the front, which explained the slightly disappointing handling. I have a Focus with a powerful Turbo-Diesel that has the same suspension as the Focus ST Sports. So I changed the front tyres for new as well.

I put on Ford recommended high performance tyres at £650 a set, even with discount.

They cost a lot but the handling is now perfect.

The value of the tyres was shown later that afternoon when a child cycled off the pavement into the road right in front of me on a pedestrian crossing where the tarmac is greasy with rubber-flake.

I hit the brakes and the Focus stopped dead so violently that my wife and I were left hanging off the straps. (I have also paid extra for aa car with ABS breaking). It didn't skid, deviate or roll.

The child was untouched.

The cost of those tyres was £650. The value was a child's life and my peace of mind.

So back to wargaing. Why do so many wargamers whine about the cost of models. What is wrong with them?

There is a debate on Bell of lost Souls about the cost of the Valkyrie.

Why do people bother to read a 40K site to be able to write in to say that they no longer buy 40K products because they are too expensive? For God's sake, get a life. Better still, get a girlfriend. You know, they are the other half of the human race.

I am considering writing to Ferrari pointing out that they have had to forgo my business again because their cars cost to much. That'll teach them in Milan. While on the subject, I must remember to write to Jaguar, Lexus, Massarati, McClaren, BMW, Mercedes, Lotus.......

After all, I have nothing else to do with my time.

One guy wrote in to BoLS to say that GW would sell a lot more Valkyries at half the price. Ferrari would sell more sportscars if they only cost as much as a Focus. But you know, both companies would go bust if they started selling products at a loss. Companies need to make a profit to survive. It's called capatalism guys; get over it.

I wanta that Valkyrie. The cost at £35 is less than the value I place on it given the pleasure it will bring me. I can afford to buy three - so I will!


  1. That is the best put example of cost vs value and its relation to GW whiners I've ever seen. When you write to Ferrari, will you do me a favor and jot my name down there too? I'll be too busy working on my Titan that was costly, but has given me months of model building joy... which I value.

    And, I'd say if you can take Valkyries in squadrons of three, it would be silly to have less than three of them!

  2. A titan! I'm green with envy.
    pics please,

  3. You've hit the mark with this post. It's funny - at 24, I'm at the stage of my life where I finally have a career, a well-paying job, and I don't have kids or other expenses outside of paying the bills (well, there is food, but I could do with a little less of that). So I find myself with a good bit of disposable income with which to fund my hobby.

    Now, I remember being 16 and not having a lot of money to buy models. I acquired a lot of them through trades, in bulk, and I improvised a lot. The hobby certainly gave me a lot of pleasure back then, but the funny thing is, if I look back, I find that, even with price increases, the cost vs. value ratio hasn't changed.

    What this means is that while I am spending a lot more - both as a whole and also compared to the prices back then - I'm also enjoying the hobby proportionately more. As long as that continues, I'll happily dump money into the GW coffers, because I get so darned much pleasure out of it.

  4. Bravo, my friend. Well put. I hear the same stuff here from the folks in the U.S. Are GW models more than I'd like them to be? Yep. Do I make a wish every day that a plastic, more affordable Thunderhawk will be forthcoming? You betcha. But I will spend the money because I enjoy the game and I enjoy the models. Period.

  5. hear, hear!!