Sunday, 22 March 2009

Last Man Standing

I have an alternative life as a fantasy fiction writer. The photo shows an early version of me - very, very early - in the early 80s. Normally I write for American publishers, notably Baen.

Anway, I have just signed a contract with Black Library for a short story tentatively entitled Last Man Standing. Wrote the first lines tonight.


  1. This is quite exciting! I hope you'll post where we can find the story once it's published?

  2. This is awesome... I can't wait to read it! Is it going to be in one of the next 40k short story books?

  3. Hi Guys,
    Yah, it's going to be in a 40K anthology of short stories.

    You can find out more about my writing on:

    or on the Baen website under "I Love Lucy" section of Baen's Bar and the Baen's Universe Magazine:

    I have a new short story coming out in Universe in April. It is based in an alternative world which runs according to the principles of Victorian science.


  4. Hey, this isn't about gaming or modeling! It's a post about...writing?

    John, glad to have found you here (I often post at Baen's Bar, I read but also game/model--but read more than I do the gaming and modeling)!

  5. Hi John, it's great to see your an artist too;)

    I'd like to write books too, buts, for now, I'm jsut doing comic book;)

    ha ha ha, it's a beginning!;)

  6. Where's the computer screen? *ducks*