Saturday, 18 April 2009

Adeptus Mechanicus Siege Engine

I conceived this originally as a piece of terrain but with the coming of Apocalypse I guess that I should work out a stats sheet.

It is not intended to fight so no defensive guns but the Skitarii have set up an autocannon on a tripod just in case the enemy have not read the manual.

It is just about finished. I would like to add an FW tech servitor when I can and some mechanicus badges, if I can find any.


  1. very good what is the tank

  2. I pity the fools when that thing fires... :D

    Very nice, sir. What models did you use to make this?

  3. Mate,

    That is a brilliant idea and a brilliant model.

    And so very, very Guard.

    Cheers for sharing,

    - Drax.

  4. The model is a great fit! Is it 1:35 scale? And do you have any shots of it next to a Russ or anything so we can see just how big it is? There are guys on it, but it can be hard to tell that way.