Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Last Man Standing

Well, I delivered the short story "Last Man Standing" to Black Library, almost on time as well. Now, I wait for a response. I was rather pleased with the tale. It is a somewhat complex puzzle that knits together like a jigsaw. I would like to have a go writing mystery stories one day; I am a keen Agatha Christie fan. I have an idea for a comedy murder novel set in the academic world. Write about what you know!


PS The picture illustrated my Baen novellette, "As Black As Hell". It depicts the first scene in the story when The Commission hunt Karla down, but the hunters become the hunted.


  1. Congratulations on completing your story! I don't usually buy the compilation books, mostly because my wife prefers full-length novels (yes, she reads every decent 40k novel that's published), but I'm sure as hell buying this one!

  2. I'd also be sure to pick up any book with your work in it. Then I'd just have to work out postage to the UK to get my copy signed!

  3. Short stories are rather out of fashion, except for SF and F but I like them as a reader. As a writer, they are wonderful training exercises in conciseness.