Thursday, 23 April 2009

Valkyrie and Hydra

I have been looking in more detail at the IG Codex.

Valkyries are skimmers in a standard 40K game. They can't fly. This is an expensive, well armed vehicle with 12:12:10 armour,m i.e. very vulnerable, although they do get the extra-armour rule.

The one thing you won't do is put Stormtroopers in them as Stormtroopers can Deep Strike from the air, and get a free scatter reroll when on airborne operations.

So if there are no flyers, what is a Hydra for? Ah well, it has a special auto-targeting rule. Skimmers and bikes do not get the special fast moving 'cover' save against a Hydra. The Hydra has two twin linked autocannon with a 72" range. A battery of three which occupies a single slot will spew out twelve shots with reroll per turn.

Jetbikes, anyone?

If nothing else offers itself as a target, they will chew up armoured infantry and light vehicles.

Better get your order into Forge World (see photo) quickly, there is going to be a big, big demand.



  1. If only I could get some of those in my Marines either Valkyries or the Flak tanks to shoot them down.

  2. Well well, I like the sound of Hydra's already. Still waiting on my copy of the New Codex. So Orks still get their "smoke cloud" save against it?

  3. Great point about the Hydra. And, it doesn't hurt that it's an awesome model to boot!

  4. My hope and expectation is that GW will eventually be coming out with a plastic model for the Hydra (perhaps as soon as this fall). With their (in game) price basically being cut in half compared to the Forge World rules they are now a good buy -- especially if you are playing Apocalypse.

    As for the Valkyrie I think it's main limitation is its real world price -- $58! Otherwise, it seems a good option. 12/12/10 is good armor, it has decent firepower, and the model looks great.

  5. The Hydra will be insane in Apocalypse. Hell, I just want one because they're just cool!

  6. It would be fun as hell to convert a Hydra. Maybe I should look into making one...

  7. The problem with using the Hydra to target jetbikes (at least Craftworld Eldar ones) is that they have a 3+ Save and the Hydra is only AP4.

    What it's really going to be devestating against are Reaver jetbikes and Ork bikers.

    It's also a better choice for shooting down those 12/12/10 Skimmers than most anything else out there. I often play mech Eldar and these are going to be pretty darn high on my target priority list...

  8. Actually you can deepstrike the Stormtroopers out of the Valkyrie - at least that was the read I had of the rule for deepstriking the Stormtroopers had. I believe you have to buy the Valkyrie separate though with the way transports are setup now.