Saturday, 11 April 2009

Blood Pact Kits

Urdesh was one of the Imperial Worlds captured by Chaos Renegades fleeing the disaster at Balhaut. It was taken in 766-67.M41.

Balhaut was one of the most important forge worlds in the Sabbat Worlds. Many of its stockpiled weapons fell into enemy hands and were used by the Blood Pact and the Sons of Sek.

These included STeG 4 light armoured cars, N20/22 half tracks and AT70 Reaver MBTs.

These are the plastic kits that I am 'kitbashing' for these models. All are 1:35 scale.

Nest will be Usurper SPGs and AT38 Brigand Super Heavy Tanks.



  1. Great ideas here, you're giving me some great food for thought.

    Incidentally, the Brigand was designated AT83 and was the Urideshi equivalent of the Leman Russ, but could not match the "pedigree of the venerable Russ." (Can you tell I just reread The Saint omnibus?) I've decided to use the tank pictured on my blog here:

    That's my AT83 sorted, but now I'm not sure what to use as an AT70, in either model or rules.

  2. Thanks for the AT83 info. I had not realised that. The Sabbat Worlds source book gives a slightly different description.


  3. Interesting, I had forgotten that the Sabbat Worlds book described the Urdeshi armour patterns. "Monsterous AT83 Brigand pattern super tank" indeed.

    The U90 is interesting, and I believe, not mentioned in the novels. I imagine it would be an excellent match for several of the new vehicles in the Imperial Guard codex.

    In another discrepancy, the novels seem to show the AT70 as a medium tank, something that does not exist for the IG.

    I look forward to your take on the vehicles and thank you for your kind words on my blog.

  4. I recall an old WD battle report with a Lost and the Damned army that fought against Space Wolves. It was a beastman themed army. The author mentioned a medium type tank as well as "stalk tanks."

    It is not inconceivable that IG would use medium tanks - especially if they were locally designed. Ie. they may not be STC designs.