Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Clash at Formalhite

Ghastly Xenos desecrated His Imperial Majesty's city of Formalhite by their presence. The Imperial Guard despatched a substantial force to cleanse the Emperor's territory. Unfortunately, they had to destroy the city to save it - now where have I heard that before?

The cowardly Xenos fled the city during the initial bombardment but returned to meet the righteous anger of the Guard. The initial probing forces met on the Boulevard of Angels. The Guard lost a two Chimera APCs, a Salamander Scout, two Sentinel Scouts and a few Guardsmen. The traitors lost several jetbikes, walkers and infantry. Their demon-avatar blasphemy was also destroyed.

A tactical victory to the Guard Commanders, Sean and me. However the heretics, Stephen and Mike claim to be undefeated and promise retribution.

The Baneblade was the Hero of the Guard, surviving a storm of fire and hitting back. The jetbikes were the Eldar Heros, causing mahem and being very difficult to kill.


  1. The city of Formalhite seems to be built on a barren brown planet. I really like the scenery you guys used though, and the presentation of the battle in story format as well.

  2. Damned! What a BIG table!!! It had tobe fun boyz!!!;)