Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Usurper Assault SPG

I have built a Blood Pact SPG based on a 1918 Whippet. It looks like an armoured fighting compartment plonked on the back of a tractor - which is what it basically was. The gun is a Baneblade cannon.

I am really pleased with this model and intend to do more. Note the overhang, the fighting compartment doesn't quite fit!!!!

This fits my idea of non - STC vehicles used by the Sabbat Worlds renegades, converted civilian AFVs.

The mud is from a Tamiya weathering stick. I find these really convenient. Rust was put on using the sponge technique.


  1. It totally looks like a converted civilian tractor. Awesome. I really love the rag-tag feel you've got going with your BP so far; it's actually what I originally envisioned my BP to be, but I think mine sorta turned into a classic-GW-Chaos army kinda feel, y'know? Oh well - it's great that all us BP players have this variety!

    Y'know, this sounds bad, but it's actually a big compliment: your vehicles always look so damn filthy.


  2. Dear Techpriest,

    You want to see my car!


  3. They look great and unique. Good job.

    ... and post a pic of your car, maybe we'll all get a good example of exactly where the filth/rust should sit on a vehicle. ;P

  4. With only two vehicles you already have a strong army theme, kudos for that.

    There is something visually appealing about such a long overhanging barrel, an excellent combination of the two kits.

    Oh and the chaos shoulder pad on the back is very subtle, but helps bring it into the 40k universe along with the other, more overt bits like the flamer, smoke and pioneer tools.

    Any tips on using the Tamiya weathering stick? I almost picked one up the other day but didn't know its benefits.

  5. Thanks guys!

    The Tamiya sticks are like just like lipsticks. they are conveniently packaged and you can paste them on. They are so easy to use. I really recommend them.