Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Last Man Standing

I finished the story today. My editor at Black Library has graced me a few extra days for editing. This is the most ambitiously structured story that I have attempted. I hope that i have pulled it off.


The pic is of a scorpion made from two despoilers.


  1. Hey, John...wouldn't Black Library (and the non-game SF line, Solaris) make dandy additions to Webscriptions distribution group (like Night Shade, Subterranean and the others)? Man, I'd love to be able to read "The Last Chancers" and all the other fat books I've been buying as light, easy to handle, eBooks rather than the tomes that nearly suffocate me at night when I read in bed and the slip out of my CTS-wracked hands...

    Just a thought, if you could mention it to them!

    And, as usual, a great model. You make me want to get back into scratch-building and kit-bashing again!

  2. Super heavies are the fuel for the massive destruction of Apoc.

  3. I have that problem with books, I remember when I was younger I had a copy of the lord of the rings with all of the three books in one, i fell asleep once and almost literally jumped stright out of bed when this 1000pg+ monster falls on my face :S

    Nice conversion, something I definetly wouldn't have thought of trying

  4. Dear Fred

    GW are not very internet friendly. I suspect that they would not be receptive to web subscriptions.

    Thanks for the kind comments on the Scorpion, guys.

    Peter: Crushed by the Lord of the Rings!!!!!

    Did you make it through the movies?

    best wishes