Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Apocolypse Verdun

The Autumn Holiday has arrived so it is time for an Apocolypse! We used a six table board with a wide boulevard seperating two lines of buildings and leading to a park. The battle objectives were to control tables.

Inquisitor Shaun found evidence that Chapter Master Mike of the Dark Angels was treating with Xenos scum - his father Stephen. Our noble Inquisitor demanded an explanation but none was forthcoming so he formed a purging team based around a Stormlord that he used to anchor his left flank.

He also co-opted a mechanised detachment from the Imperial Guard, commanded by me. I divided my force into three. In the centre I deployed a baneblade backed up by a Leman Russ and a Hydra.

I placed a Leman Russ platoon, two depleted troops, on the right flank with a Colossus. The latter has a siege mortor with a twenty foot range so it could cover the table from this point.

Mike and Stephen opted for an agressive strategy. The Dark Angels deep struck on the left flank, bottling in the Inquisitorial forces.

Similarly, Stephen pushed his skimmers into our line. Shaun and I wreaked carnage on their forces but we lost sight of our objectives somewhere in the five turns that we played.

Late on I brought my third force on, two Valkyrie carring veterans, to contest their rear areas but it was too little too late.

At the end of the game my tanks were still embroiled on our start line.

I looked at the slaughter and had the happy delusion that the forces of light had won. It was some time before reality soaked into the spongy mass that I am pleased to call my brain. We did not even control our own objectives, let alone our theirs.

So congratulations to Mike and Stephen who focussed on victory, made a plan and stuck to it.


  1. Hi John
    I thought our plan was to kill them, kill them all, Well that nearly worked didn't it by the way I vote for Stormlord commander to be made a Baron of the Empire or something for wiping out virtually all the Ravenwing single handed.

  2. We certainly won the combat but it is a pity we lost the game :)

  3. Bah ! The Ravenwing will be back .... hopefuly having a better understanding of their weapons and will wipe dregs from the face of what ever planet we fight on !

  4. Ha! The tanks of the Imperial Guard will crush you under their tracks, Xenos scum.
    PS Another game at Xmas?

  5. Oh yes working on a board for it now, we cant run it at our usual, so was thinking about running it in 'wigmore' details to come ....