Sunday, 18 October 2009

SELWG 09 - Part 1

South East London Wargames Show is back at Crystal Place Sports Stadium, now they have removed the asbestos and given it a lick of paint. SELWG is one of my favourite shows as it is big enough to be fun but small enough to be managable. The photo shows the main hall, taken from the gallery where the trade stands sit. I took £100 in cash with me and vowed not to use plastic. My wife came along to assist me in that resolve. As we entered a couple left, the man holding his head in his hands as he counted his credit card receipts and his wife mercelessly harranging him for his weakness. A sad sight.

In Part 1 of my report, your fevered correspondent will show some of the demo games that caught his eye. The overall standard continues upwards.

It's 1984 and the Cold War turns hot. Russian tanks plunge into Germany.

There were some nice medieval games, including the Battle of St Albans.

The South London Warlords ran a Zulu game with guest players as Zulus. They are the guys in the fur hats.

WWI is back in vogue.

And what would a wargame show be without WWII.

Well, that's all folks. Tomorrow in Part 2 I look at some miniatures that caught my eye.


  1. Excellent commentary. I can't wait to see the minis though!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! and Kudos on the asbestos removal!

  3. I am such a turd for having never attended a con. I need to fix that.

  4. Excellent pictures. I was there yesterday as well and like you went with a limited amount of cash and a strict shopping list. The plan must have worked because I came home with change in my pocket.

    It's a great pity the SELWG show had to be put on ice these last few years but I'm glad the renovation work at Crystal Palace is now finally over. SELWG is fun because it has a high ratio of traders while still being big enough to attract some excellent demo tables.

    I'll be posting some of my own photos on my blog tomorrow... I took over 100 photos and I'm still trying to identify and catalogue them all!

  5. Hi John
    Nice to bump in to you and ValWhat surprised me most was that quite a few stands weren't taking plastic otherwise I would have spent a LOT LOT more as it was I'd "done me money" within about 3 stands I spent about £120 mostly old GW stuff, Warlord Romans,Kalistra 10mm medaevils and some Gothic buildings. I also bumped in to Lance from Sittingbourne club and the Maidstone GW shop. Anyway yes liked the look and standard of prep that had gone in to some of the demo games Liked the Jacobean manor house by the Pike and Shot society especially.

  6. tis a fantasic half ruined building there

  7. Dear Guys
    Yes, it was a good show. I talked to a few of the vendors and people were being tight with their money, like Shaun and Lee and I. I only made one 'monkey see' purchase. I also did a deal for a new book.