Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Vraks Campaign Strategic Turn 1 - The Storm Breaks

1. Lord Shaun launched a suprise mechanised attack across the SRNA Flats to grab the bridges over the trenches southwest of the starport. Deacon John was horrified to discover that his infantry manned defensive trench structures could not withstand the flood of armour. The Imperials crashed through and captured the bridges, blocking the direct road between the starport and citadel.

2. Simultaneously, Grand Master Shaun of the Dark Angels struck across the Van Merresland Wastes towards the outer defense line.

To Deacon John's horror the renegade commander, a Khorne Marine called Mac The Knife, abandoned the fortifications and charged the Dark Angels taking the mobile units of the Vraks Militia with him. Grand Master Shaun set a cunning trap in the lee of a hill.

A sceaming and a hollering, Mac lead the chaos marines and their mutie allies straight into an ambush. The berserk renegades were cut down from fire on all sides until only Mac and some muties were left. The Angels charged, finishing them off. The Vraks Militia fled the field of battle, causing a general panic when the crashed through their own lines.

The Angels overran the outer defense line before Deacon John could stabalise the situation by shooting a few deserters.

Shaken by events Deacon John elected to move a mobile force into the ruins of Hab Zone 3 on the second defense line as a strategic reserve.

Imperials: 6Vps
Renegades: 7VPs

Diary of Lord Marshal Shaun: Eat lead, renegade scum.

Diary of Deacon John: I've got a bad feeling about this one. Oh no, what are those bloody Khorne loonies up to?


  1. The Heroism of the enemy seems to be doing our work for us. As long as they keep throwing themselves on our guns I'll be happy.
    (expurgated sections from Lord Marshall Shaun's Diary)

  2. Looks like a bad start for the bad guys :)
    I really look forward to how this campaign develops.

  3. I hope the renegades learn from there mistakes, otherwise, the blood god is going to get plenty of blood, just the wrong sort :)

    Excellent campaign, can't wait for turn two.

  4. "We have not yet begun to fight,"
    Deacon John
    (literally true, actually)