Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Vraks Campaign Strategic Turn 2 - The Starport

Lord Marshall Shaun initiated one of the stunning blitzkrieg attacks for which he is famous (infamous?). Valkyries dropped airborne light infantry onto the landing fields in Starport South. Their mission was to hold until they could be reinforced by a mechanised column running in from the beachhead at the bridge over the Balan Trench.

The drop went well. The Valkyries achieved complete suprise and dusted down to debus the infantry. The VTOLS came under heavy small arms fire as they lifted off so were ordered to withdraw.

The Nurgle warband, the Corrosive Clan poured from the Starport buildings and raced towards the Imperials. The Imperial Mechanised column made better time than expected, particularly as it included a Baneblade. This was just as well as the light infantry were being slaughtered.

The battle was a blood bath, all the imperial infantry being massacred. A blight drone created terror behind the imperial lines. The Baneblade and surviving Leman Russ were forced to withdraw when night fell as they would be helpless against the plague marines.

The Corrosive Clan held Starport South despite suffering heavy losses.

The Imperials renewed the attack at dawn with the Baneblade, a squadron of leman Russ and an entire company of heavy infantry in a superheavy carrier. The warband were reinforced by a Plaguelord super heavy tank. The renegades were unable to withstand the massive imperial firepower and were forced to retreat.

Deacon Lambshead chose to reinforce the Citadel area rather than launch a counterattack.

Imperials: 8VPs
Renegades: 7VPs

Diary of Lord Marshal Shaun: A hard pounding gentlemen but we showed them who can pound the hardest

Diary of Deacon John: It could have been worse. We actually won a battle and stopped the rot.

The Corrosive Clan


  1. Excellent mate, cracking write up, I'm getting really pulled into this one. It's so open along the sian depression, perfect for a flank.

    I take it by the speed these are coming out, you've already played this campaign or are they coming out as you play the games?

    Either way, it's great. Nice looking nurgle force aswell.

  2. Always great to see a good campaign. Keep it up!

    By the way, when you're done, will you perchance be posting the maps and underlying rules for the campaign so others can replay it?

  3. Really nice.
    From what I see on the map and little that I know of the campaign, the Imps are now in an excelletn postition to either cut off starport or move towards the west(?)
    Any chance for some more images?
    Not necessary, I'll follow this anyway, would just be a nice goodie.

  4. Dear Col

    The reports are now up to date. Shaun and I are due to play the first battle of strategic turn 3 tonight.


  5. Dear 39
    I could not put these maps and rules up on the web as I would be infringing GW's copyright but I have fought m,any campaigns over the last 30 years so I intended to put some of my own up.

  6. Dear Klaus

    I will start taking some more pics of the battlefields.


  7. Can you not post the rules/scenarios because they're out of the third book? If so, I need to get that book.

  8. Dear Col

    That's correct. The Campaign is a couple of pages in the third book. As I understand copyright, if I posted the whole thing, rules and map, I would be open to a civil suit as it moves beyond an extract for review purposes.

    The whole book would be an expensive buy for just five pages.

    I do intend to post campaigns of my own and they will be free to use.

    best wishes