Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Siege of Vrak Campaign Turn 0

Strategic Turn Zero

The evil Deacon John of Newquay, an obscure ocean world to the far south west of the galaxy, has persuaded Cardinal Xaphan to rebel and take over the Armoury World of Vrak.

Lord Marshal Shaun of the ancient Fortress World of Rochester has been appointed by the high Lords of Terra to lead an expedition to return Vraks to the Emperor's Light.

The Imperials (I) fortify beachheads on the Plains of Saritama, the Van Meersland Wastes and the Srna Flats.

The Renegades (R) occupy the Vraks Citadel and move blocking forces into position at the Saritama Hills, Outer Defence Lines, Balan Trench Bridge and Starport South.

Imperials: 3 VPs
Rengades: 9VPs

Diary of Lord Marshal Shaun: Phew, landed OK but wonder what those bloody Dark Angels are up to?

Diary of Deacon John: So far so good. Now we'll let the Imperials impale themselves on my fortifications. Oh no, what are those bloody Khorne loonies up to?


  1. Oh, this looks interesting. Haven't seen that map before, not with the nodes on. Is it out of the third book?

    A quick thought on your beachheads, the GW node campaign in the 4th book gave the imperials a strong beachhead on multiple nodes in a group as they found just having a few led to a few false starts. Are you putting in any rule to prevent the imperials getting swept of the map in the first few games?

  2. sweet sounds exciting. I will look forward to more progress reports.

  3. Dear Col
    The Imperials get the first two attacks per strategic turn and the Renegades get only one in reply.