Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ana - the art of blue-green

One of my favourite miniature painters ever is Ana whose work is displayed on Chest of Colours. She has the most exquisite sense of colour and works in a blue-green palette better than anyone else that I can think of. Look at the subtlety with which she has blended shades of sea green and highlighted them with splashes of subdued contrasting colours. I wish I was one tenth as good.


  1. Those are inspiring ... and humbling. You know, I can look at renaissance art and the great impressionist and never feel the least bit inadequate. I think I know how DaVinci's or Monet's mediocre contemporaries might have felt.

  2. Hi John

    Thanks for the link. some beautifully painted miniatures here.


  3. Really the color quality is amazing I know right now I won't paint as good as she but I will try.

    the color is speechless.

  4. Dear Mike
    Yeah, you have to have tried something to know when you are in the presence of genius.

  5. Dear Tony & W.
    The colour palette and its subtle use is just astonishing.

  6. Oh hello guys,
    Thanks for all the kind words. I and Ana were very happy to read such appreciative comments from you here.

    Thanks for mentioning Ana's works and hopefully the new miniature she's painting now will be interesting for all the fans of her blue miniatures :)

    Mahon (the Chest of Colors guy)