Thursday, 11 March 2010

My Game Designs

I am still having a mass clearout in preperation for a move to a smaller house. I have come across my various commercially published game designs over the years. In the last few years, i have been mostly into miniature games.

Back in the early 80s, I was a PhD student (mathematical ecology). My first child was born and my wife had to give up her job in Central London to look after her (we commuted in from the north Kent coast). Desperate for money, I got in to designing computer games. The best selling was the Fourth Protocol, the world's first icon-driven computer game.

I started out by designing board wargames. Not much money in it and the boardgame market collapsed in the early 80s.


  1. Wow! I just had one of those 'piffany things! I was wondering why your name seemed so familiar and then I see that picture of The Fall of the West. Nice work...but it makes me wonder why I never made the connection.

  2. Same here, just didn't make the connection. Very cool.

  3. While I don't own anything pictured here, Fall of the West and Hammer's Slammers (and Anvils) are iconic games which influenced the gaming community. I doff my hat to you sir. How does it feel to be a veteran game designer and author?

  4. Dear Samurai & Lee
    Lambshead is a name that tends to stick in people's minds. :)

  5. John,

    Drunken & I are friends and he mentioned the "Fall of the West" and I thought it was you as well. Got a question for you, Is Fall of the West the only WHH book you worked on? If so, why did you not do more?

    I am wondering if it is the same problem I had when I wrote LotHS.

  6. Hi Tim
    I follow your blog.
    FotW is the only Warhammer Historical book I have written (with Les Newsome).
    There were various reasons why there was never another.
    Send me an email on docjohn AT