Friday, 19 March 2010

Steampunk Planes

I am a fan of steampunk and have a novella being published in April's Baen's Universe Magazine.
These pics are from the site. They are digital pics of what a K7 giant Russian aircraft (from a 1930s design study) would have looked like engaging German flying saucers (from a 1940s design study).
The CIA mounted an investigation in the 60s to investigate whether UFOs were Russian-built based on German secret technology. Such was the paranoia of the Cold War.


  1. Russians building UFO's on German plans, that's just stupid!

    Everyone knows that UFO's were built by British Rail ......

  2. Dear God, can you imagine British Rail building laser ignited fusion powered flying saucers. They couldn't generally get the 8.03 to Victoria in on time.