Saturday, 20 March 2010

Jet War Over The Baltic Sea 1945

A schwarme of Focke-Wulf Ta 183 Huckebein jet fighters form up over Denmark. The FW183 is a state of the art jet fighter with swept back wings allowing high speeds. Its advanced Heinkel turbojet powers the FW183 to 593mph on a single engine. Its range is usually too short to be a bomber escort except for the airwar over the Baltic in '45.

Here, an FW183 schwarme escorts Heinkel Hs132 jet dive bombers on a run out over the Skagerrak with 500kg bombs to attack a British covoy adding to the military build up in Oslo.

The Hs32 was capable of over 400mph in level flight with a full bomb load and 485mph empty. The pilot lay prone to withstand the enormous G when the plane pulled out of its dive. It also carried two 20mm or 30mm cannon for ground straffing or to fight its way past enemy fighters.

The models are Raiden Miniatures in 1/285 scale sourced from Dom's Decals in the UK.


  1. John, what are you going to get me into this time?
    I have not yet recovered from Wings of War, as today's plastic sack full of planes will illustrate. Just could not pass up 20% off Albatross', DVIIs, and Camels, and Eddie Rickenbaker's Spad, as well as GWs new plastic Minotaur and some cowboy minis for my yet to arrive Gutshot old west shootout rules set.
    I remember some WWII battle suit models, Pz Kampf Anzug or something that cought my eye back in the 80s, do you have minis rules for these Alternate WWII jets?

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. Dear SC
    Yes, I have rules. I will put up some comments on the rules later.