Sunday 7 March 2010

War On Terror

I thought that The Lambshead Xmas Family Game had been taken care off with the purchase of a second hand copy of Beowulf - The Game of the Film but wait - how did I miss this little gem? It's kinda like a modern version of risk. You start with a village and try to build the world's biggest empire based on oil. The temptation is to sponsor terrorist groups to hamper your opponents but they tend to take on a life of their own. Every so often, a random spinner will allow a player to acquire the status of Axis of Evil, which gives one all sorts of goodies like WMDs. The player also gets an 'evil' balaclava to wear.

I have not yet seen a copy but the component quality is apparently excellent and it is a good multiplayer game.

The designers apparently have a new game in production called 'Crunch - the game for Utter Bankers'.

[In london English 'Merchant Banker' is rhyming slang for, well you can work it out. Clue: it doesn't mean jolly good chap.]


  1. You'll have to let me know how it plays! Been tempted to pick this one up a few times for our group. Looks like a good mix between strategy and laughs.

  2. Dear Jester
    Plus the fact that it is completely politically incorrect. Apparently the Daily Mail has already wound itself up into a froth of indignation.

  3. I own this game, and have taken it down to my local club for a game. It's a good quality set and gameplay is excellent. It's well worth picking up.

    In our game we started off with about 6 empires, by the end of it there were 2 empires and an entire team of terrorists. The terrorists were poised for victory until one of the empires made a deal with the other empire that was effectively "You haven't got a chance of winning, but if you give me your money, I can win... which means they don't!" Annoyingly for we on the terrorist team he complied!

    It was a really fun game with some hilarious commentary on the cards, and much back stabbing was involved. Another good trick is they have a message pad for people to pass messages around arranging joint attacks. This can also be used for psychological warfare - I asked another player to read the note, look at a third players capital, smile and hand it back. He did. The third player then spent the next three turns in utter paranoia...

    A good fun game and well worth picking up. :oD

  4. Dear Ginge
    It sounds wonderful,