Wednesday 17 March 2010

Skytrex FE2b Kit - Assembled the Blease way.

This is a picture of an FE2b. A large pusher two seater fighter that was one of the planes that ended the Fokker Scourge in 1916. [This photo is taken from]

Skytrex make a white metal kit. I had a go at assembling one using the steve Blease Technique. First you drill out the holes in the lower wing so that you can shove through copper rods. use blue tack to put the upper wing in place.

Here is the blue-tack fixed upper wing,

Turn the plane upside down.

Push copper rods through the lower ring into the holes in the upper wing and cement in place. Epoxy resin gives the best structure but superglue is easier and cleaner to use.

Allow to dry and then snip off the ends of the copper rods. This makes an incredibly strong box structure. I had to use full force to make the final fine tuning of the wing alignment.

Remove the blue tack.

Add on the tail and landing gear, etc., andyou have a robust wargaming model. It ain't perfect but it ain't bad either.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. While I don't see any FE2b's in my future, I do get inspiration from tips and tricks like this!

  2. Dear geek
    My pleasure. Glad you found it useful.