Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Luftwaffe 46 - Artwork Inspiration

The Luftwaffe '46 art website:

has some brilliant pictures such as this superb one of a FW TA183 attacking American bombers by Daniel Uhr.

If one is going to paint German jets then this is where you go for ideas.

I have put up an alternative history for WWII that might have led to Luft '46 on the Mad Genius writing blog.



  1. I always though that the He 162 was pretty.

  2. yah, always struck me as a bit of a death trap, though.

  3. thanks for the comment. :)
    best regards.
    Daniel Uhr.

  4. Hi John I agree.

    Have you tried;

    The Aircraft Resource Center;
    or Sharkits;


  5. Dear John and Tony
    Thanks once more :)
    If you have interest in my works, you can check it out at my website: or at flickr:
    At the flickr there is also a Silber Vogel, which you (John)have bought as scale resin model. Soon I'll post a DFS 228 and the BV 188 (w wing)
    Best regards,
    Daniel Uhr.