Monday, 1 March 2010

Cavalier 2010

And off to Cavalier in Tonbridge.

Some games

The man who gave us Space Vixens from Mars

The Bar Scene

I just had to buy some of those cephaloids with ray guns, centre bottom. There are some great models here.

It had rained all night and all next day. We were fine up on the North Downs but the River Medway broke its banks in the Weald of Kent. The water started flowing across the road on the way out to Tonbridge.

It closed on the way back and we went via the Motorways up to the North Downs and along them to Dartford and The Medway Towns. A long route but passable.


  1. Hi John

    Thanks for thr write-up - pinched one of the pics for my website by credited you and put on a link. Hope that's Ok, Gary M.

  2. The show was certainly worth a visit - some nice games and a decent selection of traders. Looks like you had a lot more fun in the travel department than I did (I let the train take the strain).

  3. Dear Al
    The train was a wise move but difficult from Medway.

  4. Nice pictures. I had intended to go to this show but ended up having to work instead. :(

  5. Dear Lee
    Work is the curse of the gaming classes.